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Family values rank highly in American culture. As one of the building blocks of society, the stereotypical nuclear family portrayed by the media ever since the invention of TV include notables such as the Cleaver clan from Leave It To Beaver, the Bradys of The Brady Bunch, and the Camdens of 7th Heaven. Though technology progressed from black and white to color, one thing stayed the same in these types of shows - the dad, the stay at home mom, and the kids. These characters encompassed Beaver and his brother, the blended family of six children of Carol and Mike Brady, and the Camdens with their seven children.

Each show demonstrated different types of nuclear families, but the values and interactions of the family members with each other in the context of the shows reiterated certain themes. These themes included: dealing with moral lessons or controversial themes such as addiction, pre-marital sex, the effects of divorce/alcoholism on children, and family interactions. While these shows differed in time and spanned a wide number of years, they all underscore the importance of family values. Family values enable the characters to deal with the challenges they face successfully.

One such family value is caring and giving to others. The family unit is the first place many learn what it means to be cared for and to care for others. Those who do not get the care or nurturing they need from parents may turn to siblings for the attention. However, those who develop highly caring personalities may find a propensity towards philanthropy.For this reason Families of Philanthropy created a number of articles and profiles of different families in an effort to examine this trait withing families

Philanthropy, defined by the American Heritage Dictionary as the effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind, as by charitable aid or donations or something, such as an activity or institution, intended to promote human welfare. Examples of philanthropy include donating money or efforts to promote causes such as education, arts, and public health. The values that may cause one to engage in philanthropy are similar to the ones of the traditional family unit.

Families of Philanthropy provides information about families engaging in philanthropy. Philanthropists and their families can impart interesting information about social issues, causes and possible solutions. Families such as the Carnegies, the Rockefellers, and the Gates have demonstrated such commitment to philanthropy, that the case studies feature profiles of them. Other philanthropic families include the Fields Family, the McCarthy Family, the Waitt Family, the Lindbergh Family, and others.



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